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We couldn't be more pleased that you've found our personal website! HipHop & Friends is a registered Non-profit established in LV, Nevada for the benefit of children's literacy and teen homelessness. EIN: 83-3379962


This is our official website, created for all of our supporters to stay informed with up to date information on our distributions, press , video and book signings. We have been blessed to be able to perform music and enlighten  children all over the country with our literature. HipHop & Friends are honored that you're joining us, thank you!

No matter what we have going on, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with HipHop & Friends. We will be working hard to keep the information on our site current, topical, and fun. So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something fun is going to pop up here for your music and literature enjoyment!

Please purchase a copy of our award winning picture book "Many Shoes!" Too Many to Choose!"  and join the literay movement that will change how children and adults alike treat one another.

   HipHop & Friends Children's ​Literacy Program


Wheels Go Round
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I Feel Good
A happy song about just appreciating life.

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Many Shoes! Too Many To Choose!
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All contributions will go to lodging , transportation and meal allowances for each young adult in the organization.

Books, toys, and other merchandise can be purchased through one of our representatives and donated to schools, children's hospitals or one of our partners that permit it. After the representative receives a commission the remaining proceeds go back into the organization to fund the printing of more books​, toys, educational cartoons, public appearances and children talent shows that we can provide to the public at no cost. Our goal is to put our morally value children's books about giving, believing and love in every child's hand across America.

By subscribing to our cause you will help to insure the longevity of our organization with an automatic twenty dollar donation or more each month. 

Please join our network of friends and help us to inspire the younger generation to read more.


HipHop & Friends will change the world one child at a time, spreading our message of BELIEF, LOVE AND GIVING through our books. We are working consistently on putting our books in elementary schools and the hands of children across America; at the same time providing  job opportunities to young adults achieving this goal. 

With the help of our American communities and partners we can offer them an all expense paid experience to travel the country promoting literacy. These young adults are able to leave out of their negative environments to learn how to be  socially excepted, beginning the process in their growth and development.

Many of the young adults we help come from the inner cities and have been homeless, at risk  or in trouble. According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, one in 30 kids (nearly 2.5 million children) of k-12  school age are now homeless in the US. 

Because of the rise in youth homelessness in the United States we are making it our mission to provide shelter and as many job opportunities as possible for them. 

​Each young adult we hire will be given a bus, train or plane ticket to join our organization or partner organizations. Their lodging will be paid for and an allowance will be given to them daily. There will be  a 40 day sales training program that they are required to complete before becoming active representatives. Upon completion they will receive commission plus incentives from every product they sell. 

We are building hope and self-esteem in these young people by caring enough to teach, train and motivate them to dream. When they start to believe they don't  have anyone, we're there; HipHop  & Friends. 

​Lawrence Engerman Jr.